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We’ve used a variety of media platforms to increase the brand awareness of our clients and are endorsed by the retailers we partner with. True to our entrepreneurial approach, we are always on the lookout for exciting and innovative opportunities to grow and develop the businesses of our clients. As such we have become in store advertising experts in the Pharmacy environment working closely with Dis-Chem to provide an effective offering to advertisers. Since we care for our communities as well as our clients, we build black economic empowerment by outsourcing installation and maintenance to BEE companies, individuals from local townships and rural communities.

Our wealth of in store advertising experience, diversity of brands and effective campaign outcomes mean that you partner with a passionate, dedicated team who work with you to ensure a strategically sound approach to achieve value.


Smart-Cnnect is the brainchild of in-store advertising innovator Smart Media’s partnership with e-learning provider Cnnect™, created to train and upskill Dis-Chem pharmacy staff on the move.

After a successful launch in April 2020, Smart-Cnnect’s impact has grown by leaps and bounds. Originally created to give pharmacy staff product, category and CPD training, Smart-Cnnect will soon be expanding its reach to even more Dis-Chem staff. The app makes training accessible, flexible and most importantly, easy to engage with, as pharmacists complete micro-learning modules on their smartphones anywhere, anytime.

In addition to Dischem, Smart-Cnnect is now being used by the Medicare Group.

Working with in store advertising experts achieves value through:

360-Degree Approach

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