Dis-Chem’s nursing practitioners now also training on the go

Smart-Cnnect has expanded training through its app to retail clinic nursing practitioners starting November 2020.


Training in the clinic space will be focused on the patients the clinic nursing practitioners interact with. Many patients visit clinics for diabetic care and advice, wellness tests (blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol etc.), feminine health as well as child and infant care. The clinic nurse is in the ideal position to support these patients with advice following tests and they play an integral role in supporting moms with infants and children – especially during vaccination appointments.

The launch of the Smart-Cnnect training in the clinics will kick-off with training focussed on fungal skin infections – identification, management and treatment thereof, managing diabetes and supporting patients in the correct use of their diabetes devices, infant and children pain and fever management and infant nutrition.

The platform features an interactive environment with a gamified approach that makes the experience more fun and engaging. Staff can engage in the training using their mobile devices in any place, at any time.

According to Regan du Preez, head of business development at Smart Media: “Expansion of the app into the clinic sister space means that they no longer have to stop what they’re doing to upskill themselves and keep abreast with the latest training available in their field. Training is quick and flexible, giving them the knowledge they need to better treat patients.”

It includes product boost, continuous professional development (CPD) and category training as well as the ad-hoc weekly pop quiz.

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