Reach more consumers through highly impactful large format digital windows

The customer’s digital in-store experience is arguably the most impactful way to amplify your brand story, grab attention and position a product.

Smart Media has recently extended its digital footprint by around 40 percent with more Smart Digital Windows in selected Dis-Chem pharmacies around the country. The digital window display, which measures 2×2.5m, are strategically positioned in the Dis-Chem Shop Front Windows at the store entrances.

“Bringing the digital world seamlessly into customers’ shopping experience is a priority for us. This prime digital real estate is the start of an immersive presence for brands. Displaying rich content that is eye-catching on such a dynamic medium will inevitably lead to product prominence and customer interest,” says Mark Uria, CEO of Smart Media.

Some of the benefits of using digital window displays include:  

  • It is a cost effective and a sustainable(environmentally friendly) solution, saving in production and flighting costs.
  • Real-time artwork and creative updates mean efficient lead times
  • Educate their potential customers on product benefits
  • Introduce new products, share promos, take advantage of seasonal trends quickly

Smart Media creates a tailored content strategy schedule and uses a remote content management system making it super agile.

“The ability to serve multiple brand messages while keeping the audience engaged makes digital media an invaluable marketing tool,” concludes Uria.

Other innovative in-store solutions in Smart Media’s digital suite are the slim and super-visible digital shelf strips and 3D holograms that can be found in numerous stores aisles countrywide.

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