According to a survey by Stats SA, 10.7 million South Africans make use of taxis

Be seen by the country’s biggest economically active consumer market. The majority of
South African commuters use public transport and the idle time for the passenger, either
while waiting for the taxi to arrive, or on the way to their destination, is an average of 59

The Smart Commuter newspaper is an affordable, high-exposure media for brands to reach
a captive audience.

Here are a few other reasons for brands to make the investment:

1. Taxi commuters contribute to an industry valued at R16,5bn

When you know that the South African taxi industry is valued at billions of Rands, you
can rest assured that it is an industry that isn’t going anywhere soon. Furthermore, 84%
of the commuters are also the household purchase decision-makers, meaning that
shaping the path-to-purchase should very quickly become every brand’s priority.
Reaching them en-route to their destinations is the ultimate opportunity to deliver the
right message at the right time.

2. Have exclusivity in the commuter space

As crowded as taxi ranks and taxis itself almost always are, the advertising media in
those areas are particularly scarce. The market is virtually untapped which positions
the Smart Commuter newspaper as an exclusive solution that ties seamlessly into a
360-degree advertising approach with in-store advertising. Commuters spend on
average 59 minutes per day inside a taxi, so if you have your brand’s news and adverts
available to them, they have plenty time to decide what to buy and where to shop.

3. The digital divide still exists

For many people, having data and a steady internet connection is a challenge. This
means that for commuters to physically hold something that is both constructive and
entertaining, you’ve hit the sweet spot in value.

4. Reduce the stress

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the COVID-19
outbreak has made coping with managing daily life stress and anxiety that much
more difficult. Reading about heavy news in the leading daily and national
newspapers exacerbates stress while the population is looking to catch a break!

The Smart Commuter newspaper is a sole weekly publication focused on the commuter
space, whom rely on it for various news content pertaining to their community, retail
specials, brand awareness, health, and economic opportunities.

Timing and location is everything when it comes to brand exposure. Taking the right steps to
achieve optimal growth often means taking the road less travelled.

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