Smart Media expands sales opportunities for brands with new Basket Liners offering

Smart Media expands sales opportunities for brands with new Basket Liners offering
In its ongoing pursuit to provide South African brands with innovative ways to reach
customers through in-store media, Smart Media has introduced its Basket Liners offering.
Positioned at the bottom of shopping baskets at retail outlets, these liners provide another
way to drive engagement with consumers.

“As in-store advertising innovators, we want to inspire confidence with retailers and entrench
loyalty from advertisers through the media space. These Basket Liners provide us with yet
another way to create magical moments that help drive sales,” says Mark Uria, CEO at
Smart Media.

The Smart Media commitment to the customer service experience involves finding new and
dynamic ways to reach people. To this end, the Basket Liners provide unobtrusive, yet
visible means to keep a brand message with shoppers throughout their journey from arriving
at the store through to the point of sale.

“This is another way Smart Media works with its brand customers and continue growing its
long-term relationships with them across targeted media platforms. Whether it is through a
digital window screen or light boxes, barrier sleeves or holographic displays, Smart Media
ensures it aligns to the strategic objectives of clients and delivers a 360-degree in-store
experience to shoppers that want a different experience.”

The Basket Liners are designed to deliver a varied advertising approach for brands that are
looking to be seen by as many shoppers as possible.

“As far as the eye can see, the in-store experience is fundamentally changing. New touch
points are emerging and brands (and their customers) are seeing for themselves a dynamic
new environment. And this is one Smart Media is proud to be a valued partner to.”

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