Smart Media Named Dis-Chem Magazine Partner

In-store advertising innovators Smart Media has been appointed as the advertising sales partner for both the Dis-Chem Pharmacy Benefits and the Parent & Child Benefits magazines.

The publications are quarterly (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) with the next Spring issue out in September. Benefits is a health, beauty, and well-being consumer niche title while Parent & Child Benefits is focused on enhancing the Dis-Chem shopping experience for moms and moms-to-be.

“We are excited by the advertising and branding opportunities these new platforms provide existing and new customers. The magazines talk directly to the health-conscious values of Dis-Chem shoppers who have shown a high degree of loyalty to the brand,” says Cecil Ungerer, Head of Sales at Smart Media.

Most Benefits readers are female (72%) between 25 and 54 years-old. The brand strengths of the publication include providing lifestyle ideas, tips, and advice as well as featuring a seasonal mix of content making it relevant to the immediate needs of its readers.

Launched in 2012, the Parent & Child Benefits magazine is the perfect size for moms to pack in their bags. It provides highly topical articles that explore interesting angles and practical information, from planning a baby to advice on parenting right up to school.

“Because Parent & Child Benefits only feature advertising for brands and products that are in Dis-Chem Pharmacies stores, it provides an invaluable tool for building consumer confidence in product availability. This makes it the perfect marketing platform for all products related to moms and their young children,” says Ungerer.

Both publications are available to view on through either a desktop or mobile device further enhancing the customer brand experience as well as distributed in store. For booking enquiries, contact Smart Media –

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