Spotlight On Smart Baskets and Till Point Signage

If you have been following our blog series, you will know that we are in the business of visibility and turning branding into buying. If you haven’t read the first article on visibility yet, then you can do so here. Our last article highlighted two of the Smart Media offerings that greet customers before they have even entered the store, accessing consumers further than the store in passing foot traffic. Following on from this, we will spotlight two more of Smart Media’s unique and effective advertising offerings: Moving Media – Smart Baskets and Till Point Signage.

Smart Baskets Everywhere You Go
A customer is very likely to opt for a basket or trolley given that the alternative is to carry products around in their arms. With our rolling Smart Baskets, we are able to improve shopper comfort, increase average basket size and trigger buying decisions, not only for the customer walking around with the basket, but for the customers who they pass by in store, as well. We also offer advertising space for brand-in-the hand intimacy with our hand basket inserts.

Till Point Signage, A Moment With Wallet In-Hand
Once a customer has reached the end of their shopping journey, they will need to visit the till point. At the till, customers make last minute impulsive decisions, and have particular services top of mind. This is the perfect space for reminders on customer loyalty programs, data and airtime providers, confectionery and many others. Particularly this space offers and opportunity to communicate with a customer while that have their wallet in their hands.

These are only two of Smart Media’s in store advertising offerings that convert, as many of our loyal customers keep benefitting from including our mediums in their marketing mix. If you want to have a look at our full offering, be sure to navigate through our website’s menu and see how else Smart Media will ignite your marketing campaign with visibility. If you would like to learn more about these offerings or to request a quote, please Contact Us.

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